LETTER: How can ANC allow such a leader?

Calls for Jacob Zuma to quit

THE ANC Eastern Cape has spoken vociferously on television confirming its unequivocal support for Jacob Zuma as president. Sadly one anticipated nothing else from our lot!

Zuma considers himself the parochial shepherd of his flock and his Eastern Cape followers, like sheep, meekly succumbed to his call and followed regardless of principle or integrity values. The party stifles dissent at all levels and if you wish to feed at the corruption trough and keep your job you had better toe the party (Zuma) line or face expulsion!

Nelson Mandela said in an address in Cape Town on February 11 1990 on his release from prison: “I stand before you not as a prophet but as a humble servant of you, the people. Your tireless and heroic sacrifices have made it possible for me to be here today. I therefore place the remaining years of my life in your hands.”

And he did just that. What an example he set for all of us, the whole world and most significantly for the ANC!

While I never agreed with much of the ANC manifesto I did have the utmost respect for Mandela and many of the ANC hierarchy as highly principled men and women of unimpeachable integrity and moral courage. Now, barely a quarter of a century later, the ANC has divagated to a sad parody of the once proud revolutionary movement it once was.

It is bereft of men and women of integrity as our president and his spineless sycophants have usurped the party, and seem to be hell-bent on pillaging as much as they can before the ANC boat finally flounders. Giggling away and cavorting on stage, his cronies all follow suit, reduced to a common denominator, a form of ritual mesmerism.

The attempts to follow his prancing by some of his cohorts like Cyril Ramaphosa, Gwede Mantashe, Baleka Mbete and others would be hilarious if it was not so undignified! “How high must I jump Mr President?”

Now our local decision-makers have pinned their colours to Zuma’s mast: he, as our president, is the custodian of our values and the face of the ANC. So our ANC members agree and support:

  • The ANC first then South Africa;
  • It’s OK to seduce your friend’s daughter;
  • Take a shower to help prevent Aids!
  • The Schabir Shaik episode;
  • The Guptas using one of our airports as their personal domain and even having police escorts to take guests to a wedding;
  • The Guptas allegedly appointing ministers of government;
  • The Nkandla story;
  • The firing of our finance minister and the horrendous effect it has had on our economy;
  • The hundreds of corruption charges;
  • Saying blacks must only vote for another black;
  • The gravy train for his family and friends, all now obscenely rich, and so on and on and on . . .

This is the man who has been parodied by cartoonists, not only here but worldwide, the laughing stock of the world, an abject embarrassment for us all. It goes beyond reason that this man is still in charge.

Has the ANC totally lost its sense of morality? Has it absolutely no shame?

Is this the very best it has? How does an ANC supporter justify the morals of our president to his or her children?

Is he the future, the epitome of a human being you want your children to look up to and aspire to? How can you live with yourself if you do not agree with the above?

Incidentally, the ANC should be pleased at the publicity surrounding the sign erected in the city, showing our mayor’s appointment at Zuma’s direct request. Why the hullabaloo?

It is factual, is it not? Does the shoe pinch a wee bit?

Theodore Roosevelt said, “No man who condones corruption in others can possibly do his duty by the community.”

It will be a miracle if there are any men and women left in the ANC who will have the temerity to stand up for the constitutional values as exemplified by Madiba’s example for all of us. The “struggle” for a country where its citizens can live freely and with dignity has finally petered out, sacrificed on the altar of nepotism and greed!

Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika.

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