Letter: Zuma a symptom of underlying malaise

REMOVING Jacob Zuma will not make the problems go away. Zuma is a symptom of the underlying malaise which I predicted before the 1994 elections – that a destructive socialist and Africanist paradigm will engulf the country.

I wrote numerous letters to newspapers warning about the effects of widespread and debilitating crime, cadre deployment, public sector waste and mismanagement, tenderpreneurism, nepotism, the socialist mentality of equalising everything to the lowest common denominator, no work ethic and the system of entitlement, everything being done in impossible communist styled five-year plans, etc. Now crime has gone out of control and we live at the mercy of criminals daily.

Discrimination and race hatred has become worse than they were under apartheid. Municipal service protests and burning of tyres is a regular township feature.

Students have taken over university campuses and next year it won’t only be

#FeeIncreaseMustFall , but it will morph into #FeesMustFall . The collapse of Eskom and a culture of regular electricity load-shedding will happen.

Nearly all state-operated enterprises are bankrupt and losing billions. The chickens are literally coming home to roost now which are: the growth rate is virtually zero and heading for negative territory, the rand is collapsing (imports like food and fuel will be much more expensive although it will assist our exports such as minerals), we have reached junk bond status (interest on foreign loans will be higher – less money for social spending and higher taxes on the horizon), there is not enough money for all the promises the ANC have made, which will fuel more protests and student activism, more criminals will hit the street noting an increased level of ungovernability, etc.

The next step would be to print money to solve our problems and bring about hyperinflation a la Zimbabwe style and nationalisation without compensation (the constitution will have to be amended before the ANC – combined with the EFF – lose their 67% majority). This will become a vicious circle, one factor reinforcing the other and we have already reached the point of no return – I do not see any attempt by the ruling party to change horses in midstream.

While all this is happening, the ruling party will live in its own corrupt, sanitised cocoons of pretence and make belief. No, we are in a pre-revolutionary stage and things will get worst every year until the country explodes, and South Africans will be roaming the streets killing foreigners and each other in a devastating race war similar to what is happening in Syria.

Thanks to cadre deployment and a socialist mentality which lie at the root of most of our problems, Nelson Mandela’s dream of reconciliation will be no more than that – a dream.

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