Letter: Initiative brings new pride to the northern areas


THE PE Sports Legend Trust is like a breath of fresh air in the northern areas.

Far too many bad, negative reports about the northern areas have been hogging the spotlight recently.

This initiative to honour our sporting legends might seem like a small insignificant thing, but it brings pride to the area and to most people.

The area needed something to lift the spirits of the people.

Sport was a massive contributor to society in the days gone by.

It shaped people’s lives and forged lifelong friendships.

People became people because of sport.

The value of sport was immeasurable.

It can still be the glue that keeps everything together. We hope that this initiative will be the spark that ignites our belief in the wonderful healing, therapeutic powers of sport.

The more children playing sport, the more success stories we will have on and off the field.

We all know our problems with the youth are getting worse and sport could be used as a tool to get kids off the streets.

Salute to Richard Draai and his team for the selfless efforts and time that they put in to make this initiative a shining example of our people’s character.

We are all good people caught up in a bad situation.

The youth must be reminded of these legends and the people they turned out to be – role models.

God bless us all in the northern areas. Sport above drugs and gangs.

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