Troon contributes only hot air to council debate


I NOTE with interest that councillor Lawrence Troon now forwards his communications to the media with a disclaimer that reads: “These are my own views and do not represent the party I belong to”. This is obviously because he has been sidelined by the ANC through provincial secretary Oscar Mabuyane, this past weekend, where he publicly distanced the party from Troon’s delusional and possibly illegal behaviour.

By distancing itself from Troon’s scurrilous attacks on DA mayoral candidate Athol Trollip’s hard and determined work (“Rally ends 60 days of 60 mistakes by Trollip”, December 1), the ANC is clearly endorsing Trollip for his noble efforts in providing real and practical solutions to the many problems this metro faces. What is abundantly clear is that Troon is totally smitten with and fixated on Trollip.

I suppose we can be grateful that Troon is at least attempting to learn from the best, although it will take a lifetime for him to elevate himself above ground feeder status. A possible reason for Troon’s infatuation with the DA and, more particular, with Trollip, is the fact that he approached me and DA colleagues for a job in the DA a few months ago.

Unfortunately for Troon, the DA cares deeply for the needs of all communities. We simply couldn’t accept anyone in our party who had been instrumental in the alleged mismanagement of various old age homes in Port Elizabeth’s northern areas.

Troon will however do well to remember that the residents of Nelson Mandela Bay still pay his salary. If he has a private project, such as compiling information for a biography on our mayoral candidate, he must do so in his own private time.

He has contributed precious little in the way of providing workable solutions to any of the myriad problems facing this beleaguered metro. He was silent in council when the ANC allocated only 5.9% of the capital budget to 12 DA-run northern areas wards earlier this year.

He has given no direction and has shown no interest in how we should deal with the Laphum’ilanga taxi co-op, which affects many of the taxi operators in the northern areas. He did not support the DA in its quest to roll out a weekly solid waste collection service to each and every household, particularly poor households, in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Other than generating vast, vacuous amounts of vitriolic, racist hot air, he contributes nothing to council that would contribute to improving the lives of the people of Nelson Mandela Bay. Troon unfortunately only specialises in Trollip.

If only he would put as much energy into doing his job, he would not have to serve the ANC as its “useful idiot/blunt instrument” in a desperate attempt to cling to his job as an ANC councillor.

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