Agreed to Cup hosting

DEAN Biddulph has much to say about the shamefully dilapidated Boet Erasmus Stadium (“Demolish stadium buildings”, July 16), but I seem to remember that the DA agreed to the hosting of the Fifa World Cup soccer and all that went with it. This included the new stadium and the IPTS bus system, both of which have cost us ratepayers many many millions of rand and still continue to do so.

Why has the ward councillor for this area not done something about this stadium since rugby was moved to the new stadium? That includes timeously safe-keeping all the historical documentation, memorabilia, etc kept inside the building as well as the building and grounds?

The municipality could just as well have allowed the 100-year-old Park Rugby Club to move to this facility when its own premises were expropriated for the new stadium.

It’s a similar slumlord situation as Central and other historical areas in the city of Port Elizabeth.

– Bill Bayley, Port Elizabeth

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