Commend cricket leaders


AS an avid cricket administrator and player, I would like to commend the current board under the leadership of the president, Donovan May. It was a breath of fresh air when May took over the leadership late in 2013.

We saw this when he was president between 2008 and 2011.

EP Cricket was under a serious threat of being put under permanent administration by Cricket South Africa.

His leadership has proven once again that we need honest and good leaders who only have the best interest of the organisation at heart.

He has proven this under a tremendous amount of pressure during the past number of months, but pulled it together with some of his board members who stood by him.

The financial pressures that we know of were due to the incompetent board members of 2011 to 2013. EP Cricket was also taken to court, costing it about R1-million in legal fees and leaving EP Cricket with a bad reputation.

This has also affected the payments of tax, and the umpires and clubs.

Those individuals involved should hide their heads in shame – they have cost EP Cricket its reputation and have put the company under tremendous financial strain.

The current board has proven to us that through good governance and doing the right thing it has put EP Cricket back on the map again. The new chief executive and has shown that he has the correct skills and personality to work with the current leadership. Thanks that the board appointed him.

The current leadership has stabilised EP Cricket. We are all behind this current board and say to them: “Well done”.

I hope that the entire cricket fraternity will support the current board and that EP Cricket can find the necessary sponsors it is looking for.

EP cricket is a very stable organisation now.

We pray that it will remain like this for years to come.

We salute great leadership

– Andrew Terblanche, Port Elizabeth

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