Would a replacement be better?

TOP CONTENDERS: ANC deputy president Cyril  Ramaphosa, left, with secretary-general Gwede  Mantashe  and  chairman Baleka  Mbete  at a party rally
TOP CONTENDERS: ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa, left, with secretary-general Gwede Mantashe and chairman Baleka Mbete at a party rally

I THINK a fair number of people in South Africa would like to see the back of our giggling president.

Some of these people are within the higher ranks of the ANC where the continual embarrassing issues that seem to accompany the dancing one, like an irritating smell, place them in a position of having to defend the indefensible, to hold on to their well-paid jobs.

But soon the issue of the spy tapes, the 783 charges of fraud allegedly perpetrated with Schabir Shaik and who knows what else cannot continue to be dodged by the “Stalingrad defence” that our president has continued to play.

If things continue to get a bit messy, it may well be that our president will be allowed to leave early due to ill health or some such excuse so that the country does not have to experience a president facing criminal charges.

I am sure that Jacob Zuma will continue to dodge, avoiding what he wanted at one time and that was “his day in court”. But the next question is: who will be our next president?

It is likely for the next few years still to be an ANC person, so who are the contenders? It is a sad judgment on the ANC that it has no real candidates of any stature at present.

This is mainly in part due to our current president having around him people who are loyal but not particularly threatening.

Cyril Ramaphosa is likely to fill the interim gap and is a good longer term prospect if the Marikana issues that may plague him for a while can be put aside, but he has no major support base unless it comes from those happy to see Zuma running his B and B in Nkandla. Gwede Mantashe’s name has been thrown into the ring, but while a seemingly able secretary-general, he hardly exudes presidential aura.

The other wild card is our current speaker in the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete. She may have some support from the ANC Women’s League but at best, given Zuma’s attitude to women in general, was an obvious token appointment albeit a very controversial one.

Can she run a country like she runs parliament? I doubt she would get away with it.

In any event she is already tainted by her own controversy. There was her support for Tony Yengeni at the prison gates when he was jailed for fraud in an arms procurement issue.

Her obtaining R25-million in shares from Gold Fields for who knows what still leaves a smell. There was her driver’s licence scandal where she got one without taking a test, using as an excuse that she did not have time to stand in queues.

The trip to Liberia to attend the inauguration of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf which cost the taxpayer nearly R500000. All these issues reflect a person of great arrogance.

Who else is there? Zuma’s ex-wife, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma? A wild card maybe, but anyone who parts company with Jacob Zuma must have something going for her and in any event she does appear to be doing a good job in the AU.

So there you have it. The ANC Youth League is dormant. The Women’s League too busy attending attempted murder cases and Angie Motshekga would not be able to deliver on election promises if she can’t get a simple thing like desks, books and mud schools sorted out.

Maybe it is a case of better the devil you know than the one you don’t, but I’ll even vote for Naledi Pandor if it removes from my television, the sight of Zuma, making a speech with his 38pt font, three lines on a page and monotone delivery.

Malcolm Dodds, Sherwood, Port Elizabeth

One thought on “Would a replacement be better?

  • July 9, 2015 at 11:42 am

    If they stopped lying for Zuma and made Cyril Ramaphosa President this country would get a great boost! Cyril is a great organiser and negotiator and is able to communicate with all kinds of people! Zuma has no idea! Look how got up and made a joke over the pronounciation of Nkandla??? He really has no idea! For myself I hope they keep Zuma as Zuma is the biggest asset that the Democratic Alliance has! As long as he sits there the D.A. is getting NEW VOTERS! The D.A. should be paying Zuma’ a fat salary! VIVA ZUMA! The Democratic Alliance’s biggest asset!!


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