Use statues to create visual display of our history

A tour guide has suggested including this statue of Lilian Ngoyi in a revamped Vuyisile Mini Square
A tour guide has suggested including this statue of Lilian Ngoyi in a revamped Vuyisile Mini Square

PRIOR to 2010 when Route 67 was in the making, so much thought and planning was done to try to incorporate all points of view.

As a tour guide and promoter of Route 67, I would like to propose that the following suggestion be given some serious thought, especially with the upgrade of Vuyisille Mini Square that is scheduled to take place.

1. The statue of Queen Victoria to remain in front of the library, as we were under British rule.

2. The statues of Nelson Mandela, Govan Mbeki and Raymond Mhalaba (presently in the City Hall foyer, seen by very few and unaware of by many. Place these three facing on the left of the Queen).

3. To their left place the statue of Molly Blackburn from the Black Sash movement.

4. To her left place the statue of Lilian Ngoyi, representing the 1954 march to the Union Buildings against the pass laws (presently in the Anthenaeum).

5. To her left place a statue of Steve Biko in front of the Sanlam Building (presently in the Anthenaeum).

6. Place the statue of the sitting policeman on a bench in front of the Kwanto Towers (presently in the Anthenaeum).

7. Place a statue of Dawid Stuurman on his left, to be commissioned.

8. Between Stuurman and the Diaz Cross create a “Black Pitless Hole” to commemorate those comrades who disappeared in exile. 9. The Diaz Cross to remain. 10. In front of the city hall place a statue of Vuyisille Mini (whereabouts of this statue is unknown).

11. Place the statue of Mahatma Gandhi next to the city hall facing South End (in the Anthenaeum). 12. Prester John to remain as is. 13. Place the statue of nanny with baby on back and holding toddler’s hand at the bottom of White Road. Not sure if this statue has been commissioned.

14. Statue of “dog misbehaving”, place at the base of Queen Victoria statue.

15. Consideration should also be given to the placing of the Horse Memorial on the square. Horses were very much a part of our turbulent history.

This could turn the square into a beautiful memorial and visual of our history involving all those who were involved in the road to freedom.

-Tony Neveling, Tour Guide, Port Elizabeth

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