Nothing to attract visitors to the Bay

WHY is Port Elizabeth surprised that we have lost the Sevens (“Sevens blow for Bay”, March 20)? If you seriously and critically look at Port Elizabeth there is absolutely no reason for anyone to come here.

Other than a few game parks this place is used as an exit from the Tsitsikamma to get on a plane and go. There is nothing for the people of Port Elizabeth to do, let alone the visitors.

What few things there were are no more. Now the Jester is moving as well, most probably due to lack of support.

What a shame. Then our city does not have enough money (yes, that is right – no money for a business plan) for a business plan to get the Apple Express going, albeit to the new shopping centre which is due to open next month.

The other white elephant is the stadium. We hear rumblings from management that Port Elizabeth is going to get tests, etc and the Kings are going to play in the Super 16 league.

Has the management of the Kings not learnt its lesson from the embarrassment last time they played Super 15? We are going to embarrass ourselves once again.

The Kings currently will not beat a South African schools 15.

The Albany Road freeway off-ramp still has no railings replaced. Five years after the 2010 World Cup soccer the IPTS is still not running.

Where are all of the highly paid people who were supposed to do it at the time and basically took the money for this? They have not been taken to task, have they?

No, they get moved and the current person says: “Well, it was not me”.

Where is all of the great work that we hear is being done by our tourism body and the MBDA? All of them are a waste of a job as nothing is happening outwardly.

Yes, the MBDA is developing its own offices in the old bus sheds. Wow, this will all be flooded out anyway.

Can some non-municipal type organisation get stuck in and develop what could be a tourist friendly and lovely place to stay and not the hell hole it is currently? Currently it is a losers’ paradise.

-Peter M, Port Elizabeth

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