How to learn with no books?

book-408302_640SOME time ago Zandile Mbabela covered a story relating to the little 250-pupil Yellow Woods School near St Albans. The residents of the village I live in assist young Andrew, who is now in Grade 8, to get to the bus stop (10km away) where he uses the “school transport” to get to school.

Andrew appears to be a diligent young man who is always well kitted out in his green school uniform. His books appear to be neatly covered and he normally peppers me with questions during our trip.

Having Xhosa and Afrikaans as his home languages and not being very fluent in English, I shudder to think how Andrew copes having to absorb all of the lessons and textbooks in English.

Yesterday morning Andrew asked me a rather complex question which he had written neatly into his classwork book. It was kind of biology related.

This 63-year-old Oupie didn’t have a clue. That’s what Google’s there for. Oops I forgot, young Andrew doesn’t have a cellphone, let alone access to the internet.

So I suggested he revert to the old-fashioned way and look it up in his textbook. Yes, you guessed it . . . no textbook!

When I asked him how his teacher had suggested that they find their answers, he replied that she said they should “ask people”.

It’s a strange world we live in.

-Piano man, Blue Horizon Bay

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