Dose of SA political reality

WITH reference to the In my View column of February 26 by Allister Sparks, “ANC needs own reformist”, my, what a superb commentator of political reality this man is.

His own words: “I have been covering the political events of this country as a journalist for 64 years, from the regime of D F Malan to that of Zuma” – so when you read his words, you know that you are reading words of wisdom.

It is just a tragedy that the tragic reality of his words probably do not have the effect that they so richly deserve.

So we have just had the budget speech, Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene’s attempt to make sense of an impossible job. Sparks’s words: “The treasury is already out of money and I reckon we will hit the wall around this time next year, with junk status rating”. Reality, politically correct claptrap.

So Nene is about to distribute to all and sundry, in “government” (my quotes), untold millions to do what they are plainly incapable of doing. Been done before, will be done again.

However, can you just imagine the absolute delight of those hundreds of thousands of “deployed cadres” all over the place? To think all those millions that will be coming to them, to do with as they wish.

It has been proven that is exactly what happens. Three prime examples: ý The Fifa World Cup superb bus system that was specifically built for it. No sign of that system ever working, no trace of all those missing millions either;

ý The funds that were made available for Nelson Mandela’s

not funeral. Same story; ý Same story in East London. Reality with a vengeance. In fact, when you read Sparks’s words, you cannot help comparing them with what happens when Roland Williams attempts to do the same thing. A laughable comparison I know, but I am sure that all thinking readers would agree with me.

It all boils down to the absolute essential when it comes to all things ANC: political correctness, the ANC bible. To make the population believe that all is well, when in actual fact the absolute reverse is the case.

Especially when you consider the disaster of an individual who just happens to hold the position of “president”. No caps, undeserved.

-Richard Burbidge, Port Elizabeth

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