Contest judging

ADVERTISING for the Bride and Groom competition said the closing date was February 11.

My daughter sent in a photo, then received an e-mail to let her know they were entered.

Her photo was never published. The next week the 12 finalists were published.

How are the couples chosen and are those photos that come in last really taken into consideration? There were some really stunning photos published over the weeks and I see only three that really deserve to be among the finals.

If this is a photo competition, then I’m afraid some do not do justice.

Lynne Vorster, Port Elizabeth La Femme editor Gillian McAinsh, one of the judges, replies: All photographs submitted by the cut-off date are considered for the competition but not all photographs can be published due to lack of space. All photographs should go up on our online wedding gallery, however, at The Herald website:

The entry pool of more than 300 couples is first sifted down to 50, then external judges narrow this down to our top 12, both processes based on the photographs. Everyone has different ideas of what a happy bride and groom look like – and, of course, all brides are beautiful on their wedding days!

-Lynne Vorster, Port Elizabeth

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