No apartheid in Israel open to all

IN REPLY to the SMS views expressed by Proudly Moslem and Sheikh Shamiel Panday in the Weekend Post of February 28, may I state quite categorically that no apartheid exists in Israel.

Universities, hospitals, etc. are open to all. There are Arab members of the Knesset (parliament), judges of the Supreme Court – in fact, an Arab judge convicted a past president to a term of imprisonment.

Thousands of Palestinians from Gaza go to Israeli hospitals for operations every year.

How can it be said “the recent events in Paris were a false flag operation undertaken by Mossad”. The author of this statement must be dreaming. Dr Goebbels in Germany said the more times lies or propaganda are repeated, the more the people hearing them begin to think they are the truth.

The statement and I quote “see apartheid 100 times worse than apartheid in South Africa”, also beggars belief. It would appear both of these gentlemen have been listening only to one side of the story.

In the recent Gaza war, the press, TV and radio kept repeating the number of casualties suffered by the Palestinians.

No mention was usually made of the thousands of rockets fired into Israel, including at least hundreds from residential areas, the consequence of which was the return of fire to these areas by the Israeli defence force.


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