What’s happened to arms deal ‘toys’?

WHAT has happened to our “toys?” Some 20-odd years ago we went to the arms market with a lot of money, letters of credit and promises which we now realise would have been better spent on power stations of whatever sort.

But what has happened to all those billions of rand? Have our new toys, like many Christmas gifts, ended up broken or abandoned in the attic?

I know we bought three submarines, but it would appear that they have spent most of their time in dry dock. In fact I think that my grandson’s plastic Nautilus has spent more time in water than our very expensive submarines.

Then we bought a lot of jet aeroplanes, how many I am not sure of, but did we get them all? I know this is not like buying bread rolls, but did we make sure we got them all?

All I see every so often are four or five flying over a funeral or at an event hosted by the giggling president. So can someone just check that we got them all, and if there are more hidden away somewhere, why are they not also flying around?

Someone must have checked. Or did they? Just asking, hey.

Then we bought a couple of warships just in case we experienced a pre-emptive strike by Zimbabwe, Lesotho or Swaziland I guess. I know we are experiencing a near rape of our fish stocks by dragnetters from the Far East so one would have thought they would have been put to use to blow these thieves out of the water.

But it seems the Somali pirates are being kept at bay by our lads in white.

I can never get my head around the issue of offsets. What exactly were we supposed to get and did we get any?

Did anyone check? I have the feeling that offsets really meant that “you buy the arms and we offset the orders against a suitcase of money to a bank overseas of your choice”.

Am I being too cynical? Ask yourself why Schabir “Shabby” (two handicap) Shaik wants to have a normal parole so he can travel.

Where does he want to go to? Cayman Islands or Switzerland?

-Malcolm Dodds, Sherwood, Port Elizabeth

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