No truth in terror camp report

THE sensational report that appeared on the front page of The Herald on February 25 (“PE spy cables terror shock”) is old hat.

Several reports of a similar nature appeared in past issues of The Herald containing wild and inaccurate allegations of local terrorist training.

This recent article is just a regurgitated version of previous claims and each time the inaccuracies are even more glaring. Agreed that The Herald had merely reproduced a report from the Al Jazeera news agency, but that it was given front page coverage with a sensational headline as “PE spy cables terror shock” only underscores the unbridled penchant for melodrama when it comes to reporting on Muslims.

The claim of so-called Islamic paramilitary training would have been laughable had its implications not been so serious.

This theme has been singled out for special mention because it is the ideal cliche to vent Islamophobia and create wide-scale negativity about Muslims.

Thankfully, the intelligent and impartial readers out there will clearly see through the veneer of confusion and deception that accompanies such items of espionage.

Let it be emphatically stated, and I am sure I echo the views of all local Muslims, that the allegation of terrorist training in Port Elizabeth is baseless and absolutely false. This is a figment of the imagination of hidden forces out to malign the Muslim community.

This is a myth, the instigators of which are well aware of, but mischievously continue to ply their trade of deceit and beguile.

Sadly we still have news agencies like The Herald and Weekend Post who use such lopsided and false reporting just to boost their sales, albeit at the expense of slandering their fellow citizens. One would expect more responsible reporting from such newspapers.

-Maseehullah Desai, PE Darul-Uloom, Malabar, Port Elizabeth

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