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Making Bay a better place to live in

THE Nelson Mandela Bay Consultation of Christian Churches (NMBCCC) has launched a process whereby non-political and non-governmental sectors of NMB will be called on to take co-responsibility for the wellbeing of our communities and people. The process is not antipolitical or antigovernment, but designed to activate dormant sectors of our society to become more proactive in addressing their own needs.

The aim is to build cohesion on a community level so that different sectors, agencies and organisations can become jointly responsible for addressing the needs of local communities. The objective will be to form social compacts at the level of communities that will demonstrate that it is possible to mobilise ordinary people at community level to become more self-reliant and less dependent on the government.

The emphasis will be on young people and schools will be the point of focus for the actions of the NMBCCC since schools are deemed to be the pivotal institution between the family, young people and the community.

In the short term, four schools and their surrounding communities are being identified to serve as sites to pilot the process.The NMBCC will seek to form working partnerships with schools and intends offering its services to school governing bodies (SGBs) as a means of supporting any appropriate action.

In view of this the NMBCCC supports and encourages all efforts and initiatives aimed at making the SGBs appropriately representative, effective and efficient. The NMBCCC will, indeed, see it as one of its primary role to support and enable existing initiatives, and will encourage community members to collaborate with all worthy actions towards improving the quality of life in local communities.

As soon as reasonable progress has been made in these pilot projects, more schools and their surrounding communities will be approached with the aim of replicating the same approach across the metro. The medium term goal is to demonstrate success at the community level that can then be transferred to the level of the metro in the form of a NMB social compact.

The envisioned NMB social compact will consist of a new partnership between all sectors of the NMB, and will entail a new division of roles and responsibilities that will overcome the excessive dependence on the government. The long term goal and vision is a metro in which the inactive sectors of society are alert and responsive to their societal responsibility, and communities are proactive and take responsibility to build their communities so that people can enjoy a better/good quality of life

In short, the vision is that of a city in which everyone is co-responsible for making it a better place for everyone.

-Nelson Mandela Bay Consultation of Christian Churches

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