EP cricket in trouble

I WANT to raise a concern about the standard of cricket that the Warriors are currently playing

. Their standard leaves much to be desired and it has deteriorated from bad to worse.

We have been saying these things for quite some time now and nobody is bothering to listen, our words fell on deaf ears. We have diagnosed the problem and nobody is willing to help.

I want to raise some points that I think contributed to cricket’s demise in the province:

  • Poor cricket facilities: our cricket fields are not up to standard, that is change rooms and nets;
  • Poor administration from the clubs: there is no proper management level in our black clubs, with no meetings taking place, etc;
  • Lack of funding/sponsorship: our clubs do not have financial muscle to operate, our clubs are operated at a zero budget because most of the players are students and others are unemployed;
  • There is no development programme: the development programme was paralysed long time ago in the province. The only thing that we have is something similar to development that produces no results except unqualified coaches and cricket in high schools is completely dead;
  • There is no support or mentoring programme for promising stars after graduating from high schools and I do not even want to talk about the academy programme. It is just a joke;
  • The formation of a franchise had a negative effect: the unity did not bring joy to us, instead it brought misery and we became the weakest franchise in the country;
  • Transformation is not taking place as expected: we are not implementing the transformation policy very well. The transformation policy does not mean that you should select only the black African bowlers into the team to make a quota.
  • Where are the black batsmen at first class level?
  • Instability in the board of directors: the infighting that is happening between the members of the board is affecting the smooth running of the board as well.

Cricket South Africa (CSA) is aware of the problems that we are facing in the province and it is sending allegedly biased people to cause more problems. I think if the province can appoint the right people from top to bottom everything will be back to normal and we will start winning trophies again.

-Mzwandile Pepe Nkomombini, sport administrator, Zwide, Port Elizabeth

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