ANC disdainful of plight of aged in northern areas

IN a sitting of the metro council on February 26, the ANC was at its disdainful best regarding the issue of the management of the northern areas old age homes.

It was really painful to witness the total disregard that it has for the elderly residents of those facilities.

The DA was at pains to explain the dire and untenable situation at the Allan Hendrickse, Elizabeth Stuurman, Adcock and Bethelsdorp homes. As a result of a previous debate on this matter, the mayor paid the Elizabeth Stuurman Home a visit where he witnessed first hand the atrocious living conditions of our elderly folk.

Maintenance of buildings seems a foreign concept to the company currently managing the facilities.

It is our considered opinion that the facility is being allegedly managed illegally for the simple fact that no proper procurement processes were followed in procuring a municipal service provider as required by the law and our municipal supply chain management policy.

During the debate we got the distinct impression that reason would prevail. Sadly, when the matter was put to the vote, the ANC voted against it for the sake of political expedience.

In doing so it has given our elderly, their relatives and the residents of the northern areas at large a collective extension of the middle finger. ANC councillors probably do not realise the dire consequences of their actions while exposing the true colours of a government that only cares when it needs votes.

The DA wishes to reiterate our stance on caring for those who cannot fend for themselves. We commit ourselves to heed your calls and will not leave any stone unturned in achieving this.

-Jonathan Lawack, DA councillor, Port Elizabeth

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