Postponed for a good reason

KEN Fyfe’s comment surrounding the Bell Buoy Challenge being moved from Saturday to Sunday for safety reasons, “Why, do sharks not eat people on Sunday?”, is puerile, juvenile and idiotic (“Bell Buoy Challenge”, February 24).

I have competed in many offshore long distance swims, including the first two Bell Buoy challenges, so, unlike Fyfe, I know what I am talking about.

Moving of swim dates has nothing to do with sharks (unless of course there are some around, which has never happened), but has everything to do with water conditions – extreme swells, currents, offshore winds and, in general, conditions which one would not want to launch a boat in.

The challenge organisers, Michael Zoetmulder’s Zports, are renowned for ensuring the safety of all swimmers is paramount at all the swim events they organise. World champions, Olympic swimmers, etc have all competed in the challenge, and would only do so if the internationally accepted safety precautions for off shore swims were in place.

-Gordon Upton, Port Elizabeth

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