Give unconditional support to our team


I MUST agree strongly with Alvin Reeve’s appeal not to blame Wayne Parnell (“Vilifying Parnell unfair and no help to team”, February 24).

The World Cup is pressure enough on the shoulders of our players.

Parnell is a player and not a selector. He was given a mandate to represent our country and therefore should be given our support.

Selectors need to be transparent in their choices and account to sports fans how they get to their decisions. A competition like the World Cup is a great opportunity to get more outsiders involved in the game and we should ensure that we participate in these competitions with our best players.

As fans we should accept the team that is chosen and give them unconditional support. We are early into the competition – it is not how we start, it is how we finish.

-Darren Bergman, DA deputy shadow minister of sports and recreation, Cape Town

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