Hike ‘bright’ areas’ tariffs

THERE are certain areas within Port Elizabeth that are not subject to loadshedding (such as Kabega and Sunridge parks) due to so-called unstable sub-stations that cannot handle the off/on surges. Are these residents assisting by cutting their electricity usage or are the lights simply burning?

My suggestion to the cash-strapped municipality is that during those times when these non-affected areas should be without power, their electricity tariff should be doubled.

This will serve as an incentive to reduce their consumption (and for the municipality to benefit). If those residents don’t like it, then they can switch their “mains” off and join in with the rest of us.

-Adrian Bleske, Walmer, Port Elizabeth


One thought on “Hike ‘bright’ areas’ tariffs

  • February 27, 2015 at 10:09 am

    Biggest BS story I’ve ever heard – if this is the true reason, why are all the other sub-stations (many, far older) being placed at risk with switching? I smell a rat.


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