Excellent Bay production

HAVING attended the first performance open to the public at the revitalised Mannville theatre I was impressed with the layout, the lighting and the sound. The renovators have done a very good job and even parking was easy.

The production of Twelfth Night would have been appreciated by Shakespeare, and the music and the dancing girls were a delightful bonus.

The cast were excellent, particularly the clown and Viola, and without exception their clear diction made the play understandable even if one hadn’t read the play. A very polished and realistic performance.

My only reservation is the poor attendance. A show as good as this deserves to play to full houses.

Perhaps the problem is that there is no advanced booking. This is understandable with an open-air theatre, but this should not deter people from going to support such a worthy addition to the Port Elizabeth cultural scene.

-R C Knight, Port Elizabeth

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