More students, but less parking

A PROBLEM NMMU students face every day when coming to varsity is trying to find parking on the south campus!

It is an absolute nightmare – I speak from experience, as I am a third year student.

It is clear that while the varsity continues to expand, it has no regard or care for where students have to park. On Monday I arrived and simply could not find parking anywhere so I had no choice but to park where I could, an area that had no signs on display stating that it was a no parking zone.

When I came back to my vehicle I found that my wheel had been clamped by varsity security for parking on the grass next to the road, a fine of R50 was given with no prior warning or display of signs to illustrate that it was a no parking zone.

NMMU has no regard for where we as students have to park, parking areas are overflowing and those who arrive late due to congestion pay the price. Surely a varsity cannot expand without allowing for more parking?

Since I have been at NMMU, the number of first years taken in each year has grown to double that of when I was in first year, yet the number of available parking spaces has decreased due to the construction of new buildings. I feel it is unfair of NMMU to be able to fine someone for not being able to find a parking, as NMMU has simply not provided students with enough parking.

-Travis Smit, Port Elizabeth

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