Rebates for water tanks proposal

drop-of-water-261860_640IN ORDER to address our water problem, I suggest that systems be put in place to accumulate storm water and that additional water-saving procedures be instituted without delay taking into account that all storm water at present ends up in the sea.

An incentive to encourage public participation must be established.

I have done my personal research into this matter, based on the previous climatic history of the area and taking into account predicted pressure systems and climate change.

I think as an incentive to encourage public participation possibly a rates rebate could be considered in order to encourage the purchase of rain water tanks by private property owners.

I must just add that the importance of any measures taken to address a shortage of water in the Eastern Cape and particularly the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality can never be over emphasised.

Funds must be provided for storm water to be accrued.

-Jeremy Gronow Davis, Central, Port Elizabeth

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