Project creates jobs, benefits environment

OUR school, Khwezi Lomso Comprehensive in Zwide, was very excited to receive 150 double desks for our pupils. The desks were unassembled and I was very surprised to notice that the delivery note came from SANParks.

After enquiring, I was informed that the wood from the desks came from exotic species that were removed from national parks. The workers who assemble them are from the ranks of the unemployed.

What an innovative and creative way to supply the pupils with desks, care for the environment and create employment at the same time!

In addition, the Caps syllabus focuses on treating the environment with respect and using natural resources responsibly. The pupils have now been able to witness these values enacted in a very practical way.

-Cecelia Behrent, principal, Khwezi Lomso Comprehensive School, Zwide, Port Elizabeth

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