Not apartheid that hinders schooling

AS World War 2 ended would-be parents got busy.

Among the devastation of destroyed countries, economies and communities, governments realised the only way forward was through education. By the time the resultant children reached the school age of five, there was a place for every child, with adequate buildings and skilled teachers.

Europe and Japan managed to do it in five years while also coping with the aftermath of that war. South Africa had not been physically destroyed when democracy dawned in 1994, so after 20-plus years how is it possible that children still cannot be offered the education they rightfully deserve, in a properly run school close to where they live?

The answers are obvious. Greed and incompetence together will ensure the children don’t get educated, thus allowing the few to continue to reap the benefits of tribalism and feudalism, not democracy.

Madiba didn’t see it that way, but many of his greedy compatriots obviously do. Apartheid isn’t why the children of Alfonso Arries in Chatty and the rest of the township children throughout the nation won’t be given the education they rightfully deserve.

-Victor Meldrew, Port Elizabeth

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