Took over working SA

NIGEL Wakeford wrote that it took Germany and Japan 20 years to rebuild their countries after World War 2 (“Lives lost in looting spree”, January 27). Let’s not forget these countries were laid bare and in ruins, so the end results was nothing short of a miracle!

What the ANC took over in 1994 was a first world country with top infrastructure and in working condition – fantastic roads and highways, well maintained dams, a superb railway network that even rented locomotives and coaches to Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi, a functioning, reliable power supply with Eskom and many power stations, world class hospitals and clinics (for instance Baragwanath), a civil service run on oiled wheels, houses built in the townships in the 1950s and never had to be rebuilt, law and order that ever yone respected!

The previous government must have been really good if it has taken the ANC government 20 years to destroy what they inherited! It will take it 200 years to rebuild, if ever.

Just look to our northern neighbouring countries to see how they too destroyed after taking over from the colonial powers. Makes you think!

-Mike de Souza, Glen Hurd, Port Elizabeth

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