Cops’ duty to restore order

I WRITE this letter with the fear of appearing ridiculous to some and being viewed as being out of line by others. But looking at what transpired in parliament on February 12 during the state of the nation address, the reality is that the police are perfectly entitled to protect every inch of this country, including parliament.

When push comes to shove, it is the police, not the usher of the rod and/or the sergeant-at-arms, who take charge. Julius Malema, of the EFF, by his own account “fought back” and was warned not to assault a peace officer.

As for the DA, it is entitled to walk out in a ploy not to be outsmarted by the EFF to humiliate President Jacob Zuma and the presiding officers. Truth must be told be that the ANC and democracy-loving people of South Africa are not ashamed to be embarrassed by thugs.

The ANC as a leader of the democratic society will take a stance to defend our hard-won democracy and freedom.

Therefore it cannot be allowed for parliament to be held to ransom by hooligans.

If needs be, we should always have these police around the precincts to handle the situation as effectively as they did on that day of the Sona.

As for Mmusi Maimane, I dare him to approach the Constitutional Court on this matter of police removing disrupters from parliament. Our South African constitution does not protect and embrace anarchy and disregard of civility.

-Siviwe Kasi aka Svige, Daleview, King William’s Town

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