Protest: call in police

In response to “‘Make us rich or city will burn’ ” (February 12), let me from the outset state categorically that I do not agree with outsourcing of any municipal or government services whether to black or white tenderpreneurs. I believe government does not have a responsibility to create business for business, but rather to create a conducive environment to ensure that business thrives.

The government must create its own capacity to provide service by itself. I hate tenders.

As an employee of council I was shocked and disgusted on seeing our buildings closed by people who do not even work for this municipality, but are rather deriving an undeserved amount of money from the municipality. What also led to my disgust was the sheer arrogance of closing not only one building but all the central buildings that provide services to the people.

How do you justify a closure of your own building by a group of people on whose table you put bread? Why did the municipality not call the police to forcibly open and guard the buildings like they do every time workers close the buildings?

What is the role of the municipal security when the municipality can be held hostage by outsiders?

All these question were running through my mind when I saw the mini coup that was unfolding in our local state. But central to everything that was happening was my worry about us as employees and how safe were we sitting in our offices.

The inaction by the management also raised other concerns that if there is no collusion between certain forces in the municipality with the outsiders, then we have people who are afraid to take action against outsiders yet are quick to respond when the key stakeholders raise their frustrations.

I plead with our managers, particularly those who align themselves with progressive movements, to protect the workers and not to donate this council to the regressive forces as all of these things that are happening are but a brewing storm that might turn the tide against us come next year.

-Frank talk 2, Port Elizabeth

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