Must obey laws of land

In what country would Julius Malema be a subject where the rule of law is not applicable? A land of animals.

Anyway even the animals might seem unruly and ungovernable, but if you take a close look you might be surprised that there is hierarchical order.

We all have grievances about the corruption in the government, but there are systems to deal with such matters, like the Constitutional Court. We have to set an example as leaders.

When you have a problem with your neighbour, you can’t just walk into his property, and fight and yell. There are procedures and principles that are followed when tackling community issues.

I believe in some of Malema’s ideology and I respect him as a leader. I also have a problem with Jacob Zuma spending public money, for personal gratification.

But it is the process that he follows in addressing matters of national concern. The Nkandla saga has dragged on for quite some time now and I think there are matters in our country that also need urgent attention, like poverty, job security, educational issues and medical-related calamities.

We all strategically can convince Zuma to repay his debt to society by signing into law free education up to the highest level and free medical care to all, among other national matters.

-Sizwe Mda, Grahamstown

One thought on “Must obey laws of land

  • February 17, 2015 at 1:21 pm

    Agreed! Julius Malema does not own Parliament!Nor the A.N.C. Parliament belongs to 55 million South Africans! If he can’t behave himself drag him out again! There are proper ways of dealing with grievances!


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