Govt must answer to those who voted

 - OUT YOU GO: EFF members clash with  the parliamentary protection  services during  the state of the nation address
– OUT YOU GO: EFF members clash with the parliamentary protection services during the state of the nation address

Who are the government of South Africa working for? That’s the million rand question – I don’t think it knows itself, but one thing I know is that we as South Africans are tired of the mockery that is happening in this country.

If you want to fight with each, get in the ring and sort the friction out. Jacob Zuma, all you have to do is answer the questions that have been given and let us get on with making this country a beautiful place again, safe for our children in the future.

Also Mmusi Maimane, please grow up and start acting your age. It is only spoilt brats who walk out of discussions. Did you not learn any manners when you were growing up? Where is the respect?

The respect for the people in this country who put you there to represent them, the people who believe that you will do a good job to fight for their rights and not have your own political agenda to advance your party’s power-struggling ideas to run this country. Start by thinking of the people and why they put you there, think of all the people who struggle for you to have that freedom to represent them in the highest authority of our country, and remember they have put you there and they can take you away.

Stop abusing the constitution of the nation and start working for these people.

Julius Malema, I want to make this statement to you. I was taught that we don’t argue with a fool as he might bring you down to his level and then you will be lost. Don’t you think that is why nobody wanted to talk to you on a highly educated level?

On a serious note, enough my friend. We don’t want to hear what you have to say anymore if it is not contributing to the development of this country and benefiting the people.

All you are doing is giving Trevor Noah good material for his next show. I’m looking forward to his next show as you will be the star attraction.

Mr Zuma, the questions will not stop if you don’t address them. Be an honourable man and answer them.

If you took the money to build your place, say it and tell the people that you will pay back the money, how you don’t know now. They more you are avoiding the question, the more you give them reason to mock and attack you in the National Assembly.

Please also don’t start another committee to investigate. There are the Hawks, use them and don’t suspend the guys if they investigate corruption.

We have more corruption committees than working government departments for the people. Every week a new committee is started to investigate the corruption of the previous one. Stop and use the money for something else.

So lets start here: Zuma will start answering questions, the EFF will respect our constitution and the DA will be coming back into the assembly.

So what is the answer to my question above: are you working for yourself to empower and enrich yourself based on the suffering of the poor, struggling nation that you are governing or supposed to protect, who believed you when you campaigned for votes to represent them in assembly? My plea to you today as our government of this beautiful country is: preserve it for the next generation, respect each other and develop it to be the jewel of Africa as it is supposed to be.

-Stanley Arends, Uitenhage

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