Unfair attack on councillor

I write this response in my personal capacity and as a resident of the Hill. I feel the attack on Morne Steyn is unfair (“Suburb allowed to deteriorate”, February 11).

He has attended many monthly meetings and always been willing to help with resident requests, and is active and approachable.

The dumping problem was reported to both our neighbourhood watch patroller, and to the litter and dumping ranger. The perpetrator was either handed a fine or warning, as the mess was cleared up shortly thereafter.

I doubt whether Hagan Mollton has ever availed himself for patrols, or donated in the past to the residents’ coffers that fund our association. Wishing you well in your glass house, Hagan.

-Kevin Slattery, Port Elizabeth

One thought on “Unfair attack on councillor

  • February 17, 2015 at 8:45 am

    All I can add is “Hagan get on yer bike, mate”


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