Hampered by poor metro government

RUBBISH CLEARED: Councillor Morne Steyn's picture of the cleared area in Richmond Hill -
RUBBISH CLEARED: Councillor Morne Steyn’s picture of the cleared area in Richmond Hill –

In my elected position as the councillor for Ward 5, which includes the greater Central area as well as Richmond Hill, I would like to acknowledge and thank the writers of various letters and SMSes regarding ward matters.

The passion this shows for your community is truly appreciated.

Sadly the same cannot be said of the administration and a similar commitment is sorely lacking when it comes to dealing with the level of municipal services provided. This, frequently, is where our problems arise, from our current administration that sets the budgets for our wards and employs the officials entrusted to perform their duties whether competent or not.

I thank the many dedicated officials who do perform their duties but unfortunately are as hamstrung through budgetary constraint as I am as ward councillor. The stark reality is that we are compelled to operate within a very dysfunctional institution.

Through intensive lobbying by my office several attempts at addressing problems have been made. An additional 15 litter pickers have been deployed to our ward which should assist in alleviating the litter issues faced as will an education campaign that seeks to normalise and implement refuse removal contracts with businesses and bodies corporate in the area who are the major contributors to illegal dumping found in Central specifically.

It further seeks to educate the residents as to which days refuse is collected and times for placement to curb the problem of refuse being dumped and scattered.

A further major problem is the incidence of numerous dilapidated and derelict buildings, left to decay and without a means of enforcement to address the problem. Privately owned buildings are impossible to address properly due to the unwillingness of the current administration to implement the problem building by-law originally mooted by councillor Terry Herbst in 2012.

In specific response to the complaint of Hagan Phillip Mollton I attach a photograph of the dumping area complained of taken on the day of publishing of his letter where it is evident that the dumping has been cleared.

I invite any residents of Ward 5 to engage directly with me as the elected public representative for the area.

-Morne Steyn, councillor Ward 5 tel (041) 373-0028/083-298-8182, e-mail ward5@mandelametro.gov.za

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