Rautenbach doing job

With reference to the article, “Councillor kicked out after race row flares” (February 11), it is time councillors stop bringing up the race issue and work together for the sake of the metro.

Chairwoman Pat Ndlovu, councillor Gustav Rautenbach (Ward 8) works for and represents the communities that are predominately in the southwestern areas.

They, the community, are the ones who raise the issues about security in these parts.

If there was a problem with security in other areas I am sure the councillors of those areas would and should make you aware that they have problems. Have they?

If Rautenbach is doing his job, that his community has asked of him, why make it a race issue? It is time for change.

We have a wonderful country and city, let’s make it a better and safer place for all.

-Bernhard Wolf, proud businessman of the metro

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