Improve the small towns

The DA leader of the Eastern Cape, Athol Trollip has been busy these last few days in Port Elizabeth. He was opening a constituency office in Njoli Road, the first of its kind in the township.

He has promised the community to bring some light into the dark townships, which are the total opposite of the white suburbs of Summerstrand and Walmer. His “promises” are based on next year’s local government elections, to outvote the current ruling party, the ANC, which has failed its people due to corruption.

The greedy government officials who have failed to recognise the plight and poor living conditions of the community it serves. It’s ironical since most of those black public officials have moved to the “enlightened suburbs”, left the stench behind and only come back when they need our votes.

I don’t know who will actually outwit the other.

Maybe the only chance that is left for the ANC is to clean up its act during the course of this year and revive all those promises that the loyal electorates have hoped for in the last 20 years of our democracy.

My only concern is that it is not only in Port Elizabeth that we experience such decay.

Most of the townships in the Eastern Cape have not felt the hands of democracy.

We should take a look at Grahamstown.

It is most evident to everyone living in the township that democracy has not yet dawned and the community in the eastern suburbs of the city are still marginalised compared to the west side of the city.

There is no proper infrastructure and not a single business structure to support the community.

The black community has to support white-owned businesses in town, and all the revenue goes in developing more and better living standards of the people from the west side of the city.

Maybe it is time political parties concentrated on improving the living standards in small towns rather than compete for the bigger cities.

-Sizwe Mda, Grahamstown

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