Crack down on the illegal taxi ranks

Under the large wild fig tree outside the Fig Tree shopping centre on your left hand side of the road from Main Road, Walmer when turning right into the William Moffett Expressway, an illegal taxi rank is being established.

It is an accident looking for a place to happen as there are up to 30 taxis parked at various angles under this tree.

The taxis overflow and close one of the lanes as the taxis jostle for position in the hope of attracting passengers. It is extremely dangerous at peak hours, which I witness daily.

This is a very dangerous corner and accidents are being avoided daily. We do not want the authorities only to act after someone is killed due to this increasing problem on this corner.

The respective departments need to act swiftly to avoid major accidents.

In Walker Drive, Sherwood, opposite the Walker Drive shopping centre, the taxis are establishing another illegal taxi rank. You will find at any given time up to eight taxis parked in the road and on the sidewalk.

There they are cleaning their vehicles with water taken from the shopping centre, dumping the refuse from the vehicles on the open ground and using the area as a toilet in full view of passersby. This situation is totally unacceptable and the responsible departments need to take immediate action.

-Mr T, Sherwood, Port Elizabeth

One thought on “Crack down on the illegal taxi ranks

  • February 11, 2015 at 10:54 am

    There is also an illegal taxi rank opposite the Gardens shopping centre in Circular drive, Lorraine!


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