Move car races to campus

While I appreciate that it will be a big tourism and economic boost for Port Elizabeth to have the motorsport show, it concerns me that it will be on our beachfront.

The races will start and end in the Kings Beach parking lot.

From this and the information that the races will take place on a 1.6km loop track along Marine Drive, I presume part of the track will run on the main road along the beachfront. If this is the case, the residents and those of us who use the beachfront daily for a sea swim and walk will be very inconvenienced.

There are also speed bumps all along Beach Road from Kings Beach. Surely it is not possible to race on a road with speed bumps?

If the motoring expo will be at NMMU, would it not be possible to have the race track there as well, where no-one will be inconvenienced, and competitors and spectators can be accommodated?

-Barb Cohen, Port Elizabeth

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