Urgent action needed on gangs

Is Port Elizabeth still the friendly city or is it slowly becoming the city of violence? Gangs and guns are popping up all over the city.

Recent events have proved that these gang altercations can happen at any time anywhere. The sad part is that innocent bystanders are caught up in the crossfire.

Some are lucky to escape with their lives. It’s not a healthy situation.

The authorities seem to have forsaken the people. Do they really want to remedy the situation? I have some serious doubts.

Are we at war, so why can’t the army set up patrols and at least be visible? Set up check points to check for guns, etc.

The people will at least feel a little safer in their own neighbourhoods. Our people are under siege and the government must step in.

They owe it to our people to act against this gang scourge. It’s serious and it’s destroying the morale of the people.

Please help us or many more innocent people will die. The blood will be on government’s hands.

These are desperate times. I fear the time will come when people will form vigilante groups that hunt down these perpetrators.

That’s a frightening thought.

-Feizal Nicholas, Linton Grange, Port Elizabeth

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