I’m a Pinterest mom, crafting motherhood my own way

getimage (2)You know those annoying moms who actually make the stuff they pin on Pinterest and spend ages creating things their kids will play with for a few seconds before discarding them? I’m one of those.

I know people roll their eyes at me, think I have way too much time on my hands or am a show-off, but you know what, that’s okay.

I’ve been this way most of my life and even without Pinterest I would probably be a “Pinterest mom”, like my cookie-baking, sewing, DIY-ing mom before me. In fact we still make things together.

Pinterest moms are often criticised for wasting time but let’s be honest, I wasn’t going to use the time spent knitting a bow to cure a disease or even run a race.

I hear the snarky comments from people who don’t understand why I would personally hand-make all the goody bags and favours for the parties I plan or why on earth a sane person with a full-time job would learn to make balloon animals just so they could be featured at their kid’s first birthday party.

The thing is, I enjoy it. There are different kinds of mothers out there – some cook ultra healthy meals, others run marathons, some always look amazing while others run businesses. Me? I glue, I cut, I craft.

I even blog my crafts. Barf, right? The truth is, there are a bunch of us “makers of things others deem unnecessary” out there.

Handmade gifts and personalised wrapping is the order of the day and days off are spent relaxing over a glass of wine and a box of crafts.

I have found in my almost two years of being a mother (I’m practically an expert, right?) that the best thing you can do for your child is to try your best without compromising who you are.

Even my closest friends tease that my son and I are practically crafting experts. He knows all about busy bags (small homemade toys made to carry around so he doesn’t get bored), he can set up his paint set and thinks kitchens are solely used to make playdough and body scrubs.

At 21 months the words scissors and glue gun fit nicely into his vocabulary, as in, don’t touch the scissors or step away from the glue gun, and he probably thinks all sandwiches come shaped as cars.

I’m by no means perfect, I should probably be taking tips from other kinds of moms – the gym ones especially – but I’m okay with who I am and think we all should be.

A lot has been written about “mommy wars” – breastfeeding v bottle-feeding, take-out v organically grown, co-sleeping v crying out, stay-at-home v working outside of the home.

The list of comparisons is already so vast, let’s not add “to glitter or not to glitter” to the list.

-Eleanor Douglas-Meyers

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