SA still needs answers from De Kock

The majority of South African citizens are sceptical that the release of the most infamous assassin, Eugene de Kock, will lead to him soon being on an urgent mission to help locate the burial sites of dozens of apartheid’s missing victims.

People believe if De Kock was being honest and committed to locate the burial sites of his victims he was supposed to do this 20 years ago while serving a life sentence in jail.

However De Kock must tell us the truth and start with the earliest victim, former Cosas Eastern Cape organiser Siphiwo Mtimkhulu. Poisoned with thallium while in detention, he disappeared when he went to collect medication at Livingstone Hospital.

Also the activist who accompanied Mtimkhulu to hospital, Topsy Madaka, disappeared and has not been seen since.

On the night of May 8 1985, three comrades, Sipho Hashe, Qaqawuli Godolozi and Champion Galela, disappeared mysteriously and people believed they had been abducted by the police.

I also believe the parole body must be notified that De Kock must tell us the truth about the attempts on the lives of ANC leaders and members outside South Africa.

In another incident, an explosive device was found in the house of Joe Gqabi in Zimbabwe.

Several months later he was killed by an unidentified gunman outside his house.

As a great leader, the death of Gqabi had the effect of improving relations between the ANC and the Zimbabwean government.

Speaking at the funeral in the presence of Oliver Tambo, President Robert Mugabe declared that Zimbabwe and the people of South Africa were united following the death of Gqabi.

Another attack followed on December 10 1982, in which Pretoria’s commandos attacked 12 residences in the capital of Lesotho and 42 people were massacred.

Furthermore we need to take into consideration the words of wisdom from Tata Nelson Mandela, “As the nation we must forgive but not forget”.

Therefore the release of De Kock must not lead us to be angry or resuscitate the wounds of apartheid.

Only one thing we need from him: it is the truth about the remains of our comrades.

Clive Derby-Lewis and Janus Walusz must rot in jail until they tell us the truth about who was behind the killing of Chris Hani, who the masses loved.

-Thabang Maseko. spokesperson, Young Communist League SA Eastern Cape

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