Critical thinking essential tool in SA

At one of those agonisingly patronising New Age breakfasts last week Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande suggested one of the many problems he and his department were having to deal with had its origins in colonial times – the British were again fingered!

Nzimande needs to be reminded that British education systems for centuries have been a child-centred approach to learning.

This approach necessarily involves the questioning of authority. This is the very special quality of British education systems to this day, in contrast to many others in this world.

It gives people the critical ability to assess things and to be critical, and in this way will question authority. Perhaps this is an important reason or factor which triggered the 1976 Soweto uprisings?

I can readily see why Nzimande would prefer not to have it this way – perhaps the last gasp of a diehard communist? This notwithstanding, society needs to be alert to the not so subtle tinkering taking place in our value systems.

-Andrew Tainton, Chelsea, Port Elizabeth

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