Recommend taxi rides

A day or two ago, I was in need of transport to ferry me from Disa Avenue to Greenacres as my car was being repaired.

On a whim, I decided to chance an attempt at a minibus taxi ride.

I stood on Cape Road in front of Algoa Toyota and waited. Within minutes a taxi approached with the “conductor” screeching: “Greenacres”.

I raised my hand and screeched back. With that, the taxi, reminiscent of something out of a Leon Schuster movie, pulled over with a flourish.

The conductor let me in and requested R8. To a member of the previously advantaged race (now disadvantaged), this seemed like a bargain.

The driver confirmed that I indeed wanted to go to Greenacres.

The interior of the vehicle, though worn and beat-up with various wires hanging from under the dashboard, a badly cracked windscreen and most things held together with electrician’s tape, was spotless.

The driver addressed me again asking where exactly I wanted to go to at Greenacres. I answered more specifically and was accordingly fully accommodated.

At all times I was accorded courtesy without patronisation, and was delivered safely and precisely where I wanted to be. The other occupants treated me with a touch of curiosity, and similar common courtesy.

A highly recommended service that I have no hesitation in recommending. I did not end up on the pavement stark bollock naked with a knife sticking out of my ribs.

-Conor Ward, Addo

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