Hats off to health train

Hats off to the Phelophepa Healthcare Train that is currently at the Swartkops Railway Station. What a role model for public/private enterprise.

Transnet and Roche work together to maintain the coaches and railway lines, supply medical equipment, pay the salaries of the staff as well as providing educational and training materials. Medical students, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists, vie for the opportunity to be selected to spend a fortnight as part of their practical training.

This is truly a win-win situation with the very isolated, indigent communities receiving top class free health care.

Now, how about the Department of Education joining forces with private enterprise involved in the manufacture of school furniture, printing and publishing of school books, properly to build and equip more schools, efficiently and comprehensively train more teachers, etc?

-P A Mangold, Walmer, Port Elizabeth

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