Good service at Livingstone

I would like to thank the staff at Livingstone Hospital’s emergency unit for the good service they provided my brother at the weekend.

He was taken to the hospital’s emergency unit on Saturday morning with severe headaches, which he had suffered from for about a week.

After going to the local clinic in his area, his wife decided that the treatment he had received there was not helping him as the headaches got progressively worse. Although he had to wait his turn in line with other patients at Livingstone, when the time came to treat him it was done professionally by the nurses on duty, although there was only one doctor attending.

Within an hour after treatment started, his condition started to improve. The provisional diagnosis was meningitis, but after several tests, it was determined this was not the case.

He does have infection on his brain and currently he is being treated for this. On Sunday night he was taken up to a ward for observation and treatment.

A lot of people have complained about the poor service they’ve received from the hospital in the past, but this is due to no fault of the staff working there. They are simply understaffed and overworked.

Having one doctor on duty per shift over a weekend makes it worse for these nurses. Though they sometimes seem not friendly, this might be from being tired from working an endless line of patients, as ambulances bring more and walk-in patients keep streaming in.

Therefore I say: thank you staff, including nurses, doctors, admission clerks and even the security guards for making a stressful experience a little bearable.

-Morné May, Port Elizabeth

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