Well done on limited success

Welcome to the school of hard knocks, Bafana.

Regardless of what the doomsayers say, congratulations on your limited success. It bodes well going forward.

The “cheap journalists” can’t wait to lambaste Shakes Mashaba for what has already been intimated to be his “defensive naivety”, whatever that means. Personally, you did me proud.

Truth be said, we were dealt a bad card. First, it was a group of tough teams and second, luck deserted us. Blame not anyone.

Let’s take the negatives and develop them like in photography, into beautiful pictures, if you catch my drift. Thulani Serero’s antics, Tokelo Rantie’s missed penalty and who should and shouldn’t have been selected belongs in the dustbin of histor y.

Only good can come from you. Bra Shakes, I know you must have leaked little drops on Tuesday night. It’s well and good to do so, but let those be tears of joy.

Joy for the bright light at the end of the tunnel. At last we can stand on our own feet and be counted, no more will we be backroom crawlers.

Bra Shakes, be humble enough to acknowledge all in your endeavours. To the players, be strong, humble, dedicated and focused, you can’t go wrong.

May the best team win Afcon 2015.

-Sparks Banda, Uitenhage

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