All power connections must be safe and legal

ELECTRICITY THEFT: The Herald reader Rego Burger's picture of a substation with illegal electricity cables leading out of it -
ELECTRICITY THEFT: The Herald reader Rego Burger’s picture of a substation with illegal electricity cables leading out of it –

In the light of the municipal officials in Plettenberg Bay having come under investigation for electricity meter tampering (“Shock as Plett officials allegedly steal electricity”, January 29), it would be prudent to place all municipal home owners nation-wide under investigation.

Electricity worth a reported R9-million has been stolen by people with “legal” bypassed connections – has anyone attempted to calculate the amount lost to municipalities with the illegal connections?

Buffalo City has now had trenches dug in roads in outrage at illegal electrical connections being removed. This is sabotage and terrorism!

Holding the tax-paying road users to ransom for local illegal activities once caught out is not a solution. Their act of violent protest is a symptom of their lack of respect for authority, and law and order.

If the authorities do not clamp down and restore matters for equality for all, then the only solution next is for all taxpayers to stop paying rates and taxes until the rule of law is applied fairly to all citizens.

The people in the townships are being ripped off by electricity resale thieves. Electricity is “sold”, but the revenue is not going to the municipality who should be paying the provider but going to the electricity hijackers.

The user pays system is the only one that works. Nothing is free in life – those grants you get are a result of people paying their taxes and a budget allocated it for distribution.

Some six million taxpayers can no longer afford to pay for 40 million A nation-wide correction is required to restore all electrical connections to a safe, legal standard; All substations need to have security measures in place to stop the practice of illegal connections; Leaders need to get involved in their communities to ensure the return to safe electrical connections to protect people, including children, from potential death; Offer a once-off amnesty to people to allow them to apply to have the connections corrected safely and registered meters installed; Routine inspections need to be done to keep connections safe. This will be job creation; Restoration of revenue to the municipality.

Rewarding the wrong behaviour will simply perpetuate the problem. This matter has been left unattended for too long.

-Rego Burger, Port Elizabeth

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  • February 2, 2015 at 11:56 am

    It’s called ANC vote-buying, with other people’s money!


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