Vehicles transporting pupils must be safe

It was reported in The Herald on January 22 that the provincial Transport Department had inspected vehicles to be used for school transport, for safety (“Transport vehicles come under scrutiny”).

While this action is lauded it must be noted that pupils are not only transported in vehicles provided or contracted by the department.

Minibus taxis and bakkies are also used to transport our children to schools as there are no schools within walking distance of their homes. These vehicles are mostly overloaded and some are even unroadworthy, which poses a serious risk to the lives of our innocent children.

I therefore call on, first, our parents to ensure that their children are not loaded into vehicles that are overloaded and/or not roadworthy and, second, our traffic officials to enforce the law by policing and punishing drivers with overloaded and/or unroadworthy vehicles.

They should also ensure the same drivers are equipped with the necessary public driving permits.

Prevention is better than cure, so if we take the necessary precautions up-front we can avoid unnecessary disasters.

-Malcolm Figg, DA MP, Port Elizabeth

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