Pensioners get rental discount

Something which may be of interest pensioners:

If you have a post office box – like me – it’s time for rental renewal. I did that recently.

The woman behind the counter at Greenacres Post Office – probably noticing my grey hair! – enquired as to whether I was a pensioner. Affirmative of course, then she asked if I was aware of the reduced rental for pensioners?

Not a clue, said I. So, she asked for ID and promptly issued me with the renewal.

I was expecting to pay more than R300. The reduced amount? R203! In my book, a huge saving.

Just goes to show the value of service, in this case the staff at Greenacres Post Office. Don’t suppose for one moment they are compelled/expected to advise about this discount, but this woman did.

So full marks to the management and staff of this particular branch of the Post Office.

-Richard Burbidge, Port Elizabeth

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