We pay different electricity rates

Is it possible for caring Transnet and government officials to assist please?

The residents at the Railway Flats in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth need such officials to evaluate seriously the problem regarding the purchasing of their electricity and to assist to the point of fully resolving the difficulties please.

It seems as if this issue after 12 years remains stuck in meetings only.

Our consecutive ward councillors have tried to address the problem since 2003, but a decade and two years later and absolutely still no solution. Instead, the matter remains frozen!

Our Transnet residents are paying more for electricity – for R100 they purchase about 62 units, in comparison to the general public who are able to purchase about 80 units for R100. In addition, our residents have to travel to and from town, to purchase electricity at Transnet offices, paying an additional R22 for taxi transport.

Moreover they are able to purchase electricity only during office hours (excluding lunch hours, weekends, public holidays, etc.). Although most of the residents are unemployed, they are not drawn on board, being unable to tap into the government electricity subsidy provided for the poor.

Nowadays the general public can even purchase electricity through their cellphones, but sadly no such privileges for the New Brighton Railway Flats residents.

This is not a complaint, but rather a call for genuine and sympathetic assistance please.

Who can assist our residents to get this problem sorted out fully please?

-Annette du Plessis, Railway flats resident, Port Elizabet

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