Remember your roots

On Tuesday evening January 13, we launched the Raymond Uren Education Trust. Congratulations to the first recipients of this bursary, bearing the name of such a great man.

A special thank you goes to Prof Derrick Swartz, who accepted the invitation and actually attended. I make this announcement because there are other leaders (parliamentarians) in our community who seem to forget who voted them into their positions they hold today.

These people made a lot of promises before they got to where they are today. In the not too distant past, I made phone calls to one for a valid reason.

As usual their phones are always on “voice mail” and I have left messages but to no avail.

So thank you, Prof Swartz, for always acknowledging invitations to events in the northern areas, as this is not the only one I have attended with you present, not forgetting where you come from and the people who put you where you are today.

The tendency is that when we are up there, we forget our roots. Such a pity and/or shame on our supposed leaders.

Serve the people who served you!

-Noel Julius, Port Elizabeth

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